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If horses could speak - DVD/NTSC

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If horses could speak - DVD/NTSC

Worldwide novelty 2008 - you can order the DVD as a NTSC Version for North America:

"Heuschmann goes Hollywood" (Headline from the renowned German magazine "St. Georg" April 2008)

You will experience the pictures - here shown on the right - in motion in the movie. This 3D-animation has been developed by the makers of the visual effects for the new Roland-Emmerich movie "2012" (Pixomondo/Ludwigsburg) in a year's work. Introduction spoken by Hans-Heinrich Isenbart The moving 3D-horse at walk and trot is the world novelty, which clearly depicts what happens in the horse's body in i.e. hyperflexion Positive and negative live rides: Hans Riegler (Chief écuyer Spanish Riding School, Vienna), David de Wispelaere (Grand Prix Rider, awarded with the Piaffe Horsemanship sign 2008) and others

The Wu Wei Verlag thanks its sponsors exceedingly for the genorous support of the movie - two courageous partners did what institutions, whose task it would have been to make the film possible, refused to do for political reasons (!): 1. Jochen Schleese (www.saddlefit4life.com) 2. Carmen Schuler (www.carmenschuler.de)

Kudos to you for the courage, the trust and for the proven love for horses! I ask all buyers of the movie to take a closer look at those two sponsors - they deserve money like everyone else - but there is a difference to many other people: they earn their money with unconditional love for horses and this attitude distinguishes them.

Now some more information about the movie: It contains a complex 3D-animation. We assigned the processing, the realisation per EDP, to computer professionals, who had worked on known movies like Jurassic Park, King Kong and other 3D-animations. It is the renowned German film company PIXOMONDO, who supports this film project in the costs, so that you have the unique opportunity to see the horse as a 3D-animation in its specific work movement, which would have been hardly affordable under other circumstances. The consumer can understand completely, why false riding must lead to permanent damages! With the data recorded via EDP, work movements can be depicted now. Currently, you see the horse standing with moving neck and head and its anatomic effects on back and hind quarters. Drawings of skeletons and muscles literally become vivid. The whole walk and trot mechanism will also be shown in the movie. Everybody knows, the move is closely connected to the book "Tug of War" by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann. Dr. Heuschmann is integrated in the project as a professional. Preface and Epilogue are spoken by the highly valued Hans-Heinrich Isenbart, who also thinks it necessary to depict the horse in 3D and tries to support this by his personal engagement. Interviews with Prof. Heinz Meyer (author of the book Roll-Kur published by Wu Wei Verlag), Johann Riegler (Chief écuyer of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna), Peter Kreinberg (popular, estimated trainer from the field western/recreational riding) as well as current live recordings from international sports underline the current situation. Everyone who loves his horse will watch this movie to understand...who does not want to understand the horse's anatomy will torture his horse consciously in the future...Who does really want that?

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